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Publishing and production companies must guard themselves between art and successful commerce much like the rest of the entertainment industry. In order to survive, they want works they can sell.

Changes in market structure have created intense competition for publishers and production companies. These can be seen in how cost, conglomerates, technology, and the globalization of culture and commerce have radically changed the market structure more than any given time in its history.

However, an imaginative and creative writer has a home at AmericanLiteraryAgents.com. We help new and previously published authors reach their publishing potential by uniting them with reputable publishers and production companies, negotiating the highest possible amount of royalties.

We represent works in all genres:

Fiction, Nonfiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Travel, Historical Novels, Mystery, Horror, True Crime, Self-help, children’s and Young Adult, poetry, Scripts & Screenplays, etc.

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